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The South Australian Grain Industry Blueprint

Global population growth and changing dietary patterns are driving increased world demand for grain. Consistent with this global trend, Australia’s population is expected to increase by up to 19% by 2030, or an additional 4.89 million people, with a corresponding increase of 3.25 million tonnes in domestic grain demand.

These are compelling growth trends for grain sectors with access to global markets, established customers, leading industry practices and the ability to capitalise on rising domestic demand. Proactive growers are well-positioned to capture these opportunities, making it an exciting time to be in the grain industry. The South Australian Grain Industry Blueprint is an industry-led initiative designed to identify these opportunities and shape the future to 2030.

The Blueprint identifies how SA’s grain industry can harness its inherent strengths to capitalise on these pending opportunities while also managing and mitigating external threats and challenges.

Why have a Blueprint?

The State Government is committed to supporting SA’s primary industries to invest, expand and grow. To drive this, the government has set an objective to lift the sustainable economic growth rate in SA to an average of 3% per year.

This equates to the grain industry contributing $6 billion to gross food revenue by 2030. To achieve this, the industry needs to consider:

Access to best markets

Increasing yields

Decreasing cost

As such, the Blueprint has identified six key pillars to focus on. These pillars represent the greatest growth potential for the sector, which includes:

  1. Market Opportunities
  2. Capturing Value
  3. Biosecurity and Market Access
  4. Innovation
  5. Building Industry Capacity
  6. Infrastructure

This vision and the Blueprint’s supporting pillars have been developed with broad industry consultation. It incorporates stakeholder input from across the grain value chain and will support the National Farmers’ Federation’s vision for Australian agriculture to exceed $100 billion in farm gate output by 2030.

Blueprint Pillars: 2030 Vision


Market Opportunities

The South Australian grain industry will be engaged with a range of diverse and differentiated domestic and international markets, based on an advanced understanding of consumer needs and wants.

Biosecurity & Market access

The South Australian grain industry will protect market access by being internationally recognised for assurance, traceability and diagnostic processes associated with the supply of high-quality grain.

Building Industry Capacity

The South Australian grain industry will be recognised for its innovation and diverse career pathways, ensuring the industry can attract, train and retain talent across the value chain.

Capturing value

The South Australian grain industry will capture additional value by developing domestic processing pathways, markets that diversify from bulk grain export and by producing differentiated products to target
high-value markets.


South Australia will be the national leader in cutting edge agricultural science and technology that improves both the quality and quantity of our grain products and reduces the cost of production in a changing climate.



The South Australian grain industry will have enhanced productivity and competitiveness as a result of public and private investment in sustainable infrastructure.

This project is proudly supported by the Government of South Australia